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Thread: "is there any time limitation to enter to uk?"

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    "is there any time limitation to enter to uk?"

    Dear all users,
    I need some legal advice.Right now I am in Hong Kong. I got my British Citizenship through registration and British Passport in Hong Kong in april 2010.But I haven't been to UK yet due to my study in HK and only planning to go there after the completion of my study. My main question is - "IS THERE ANY TIME LIMITATION TO ENTER TO UK?"
    Just heard the rumour that there is no time limitation to enter to UK that I can enter anytime I like but after my first entry to UK I shouldn't be absent for more than 2 years if I be away from UK.
    Hope to get good suggestions and advices and clear my doubts.
    Thank you!!!

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    Assuming you have full British citizenship and a valid British passport, you can enter and leave the UK as you please with no limitations.
    Geoffrey Yeung - Immigration Lawyer

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