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Thread: Online Users!

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    Online Users!

    Whenever, I pop into to the forum I can see over 50 users online but never saw their id's or usernames. is there any way to see who is online and who is not online???


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    Re: Online Users!

    I was wondering the same, I saw 337 people online, but on memebrs list there are only handfull. Unless that number suggest the number of people browsing the page, if that is the case, it should not say online.

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    Re: Online Users!

    The number of users online you see at the top right corner of each page are those people who is online and viewing site. They could be viewing Photo Gallery, Article, Events, News or any sections.

    If any of those are registered & logged on to the forum using their username, then you can see their status in the forum i.e. online/offline.

    Infact its right the number of users online at the top right hand corner states the people browsing

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    Re: Online Users!

    Still, it doesnot seems correct. Here is why

    At the bottom of your page today at 16:25, Total memebrs - 5 including administrator, Most people online 7, Most poeple online till date is 14 on 02 December. But total people online on the right hand corner is 119. So either way the explaination is incorrect.

    If 119 refers to number of people viewing the page then certainly most number of people online should go up, not only 14 as I can see 119 on the top. If most number of people online at the bottom page refers to members only then there are only 5 memebrs, how can it be 14?

    It also says at the bottom, 3 guests and 1 user online which makes total people viewing 4, but still the top right hand says 119. If people who are not registered are considered as guests then there should be 118 guests.

    Anyway, I could be wrong or there is something wrong somewhere. I can't get my head around.

    But good site to visit, I wish more people interact more often.

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    Re: Online Users!

    I would like to add something to it. You might have noticed one more things, for every topic posted on these forum there are very few replies with compare to the number of people viewing the topic as can been seen from the numbers itself on the topic. I think it is something site administrator should think about. It shows that most people who view the topic close the site wihtout replying. One reason could be people need to register and log in before replying to any topic. If adminstration want to increase participation on forum discussion there should be some policy change.... that will help to make forum lively. now the forum is more like a notice board...

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    Re: Online Users!

    i think most of the "latest technoliged" forums have similar functions that produce surprises as well as makes even difficult for administrator to reply promptly...i am not sure guys....

    can u imagine i once had to burn out 5 fags in 2 hours just because i tried utilize a fraction of albert einstein's theory in similar circumstances! god help me that time....

    and even i can see you guys comments here like "could be" "may be" should be" "i think".....
    well even i had to use the term "i think" because i do not know and can't be bothered because i rather enjoy reading other topics or spending my leisure time surfing in the picture gallery. can't expect 100% perfect on everything what these guys have been doing managing this site! can I?

    oh! no no no.. i think i need to burn out one more fag now....and it's getting so expensive to buy the pack man...

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    Re: Online Users!

    Dear all,

    Thank you very much for the precious comments. we greatly appreciate it.

    Further to our explanation on 4th December as above, I would like to stress (especially, in response to MadeInNepal's suggestion)
    that a personalised registration process was necessary in order to block those flood of spams pouring in. Such spams destroyed the beauty of our old FORUM and we had to take this step.
    Although all the postings uploaded on our OLD FORUM can still be viewed.

    We fully understand that some inconveniences have been experienced by our members/viewers.
    Our intention is definitely to increase FORUM participation making it lively and we are constantly working on it.

    Please do not forget to email us ( because your
    suggestions, feedback or comments are very important to us in order to improve our continuing service towards the community.
    Thanking you,

    Sushil Singh
    Director - Public Relations
    On behalf of NepaliSamajUK

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    Re: Online Users!

    hey there people!
    i am a newbie in this unknown *well not unknown but then who cares* site! hahaha
    actually why are there so less comments in this page..i am surprised...i thought the page was spammed with loads of comments but i was wrong and i am somehow dissapointed!
    but hey lets try out best to contribute to this page..not only in this page but the whole site?? hahahahaha
    so yeah!
    nepali rise

    i am out of here

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    Re: Online Users!

    Hi Sushil,

    As mentioned, there is a barrier from people posting on the forum, and it's mostly to do with people not registering to the forum. Here are some ideas to increase activity:

    1) Create a banner or some campaign to encourage people to register and start posting. This could appear whilst unregistered people are browsing the forums. You could also put an ad on the main homepage. Sometimes a message and some motivational messages can encourage people to post.

    2) Advertise the forum offline at events, there are plenty of events that you advertise and host photo's and video'. Perhaps to get your bit of the pie, in return you could inform event organisers to advertise and encourage people to join the Nepalisamajuk forum.

    Those are my ideas, I hope you consider them.

    Many Thanks for reading.


    Save Amar Bahadur Bam

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    Re: Online Users!

    whtever u see in life is not true in real lol
    so LIFE GOES ON, forum goes on,, will be there every single day
    just enjoy n try to share your view lol
    khanchi matang sauni

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