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Thread: cheap flight to kathmandu

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    cheap flight to kathmandu

    pls advice me cheap and genuine flight to kathmandu

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    1,460 it..........................

    Try southal travels..............

    Proud 2b pakhe

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    There is a flight search facility in the homepage of nepalisamajuk; Please try it; sometime it brings up quite cheap offers.

    thank you

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    you can also check this list for all nepal airlines

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    Be very wary of Southall Travels and especially one of their agents called Jeremy. I have heard of many people getting cheated and lied to by this company. It is an Indian company I believe. Better to go to one of the Nepalese owned travel agencies like flykathmandu or I've had many excellent reports about Greenersteps Travels in Kathmandu who can easily email your ticket to you and you can even pay in the UK. Not sure about the email address but try greenersteps with y a h o o com I have to do it like that because this site doesn't allow addresses and links I think

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