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Thread: 3 Nepalese drivers required

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    3 Nepalese drivers required

    I am currently looking for 3 Nepalese drivers in London to drive families from Nepal in London the salary is competitive please email me or ask the drivers to call me on the below numbers.
    Kind Regards

    Casper Sibanda

    Managing Director
    Phd Legal Advice Ltd
    Harbour Exchange Business Centre
    5 Harbour Exchange
    E14 9GE
    D-0207 8681401
    T-0207 8681400

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    Drive families from Nepal...a bit many days it will take to drive them from Nepal...and to where!? to London...hope salary is great...anyway good job though!

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    such a nice job come to join this job for your batter life style.

    I can not understand you want Nepalese or any country citizen.....

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    I think you should hire a person from London. If you only want to drive the car..

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    south east london
    i really confused why this add is here cause i try it and rang the guy as well he said to he will keep in touch but never ever ....then i rang again his answered was "i m on driving i will ring you as soon as" but still i m watting his call for 1 month ha ha ha.... its like a friend do not try it and dont waste ur time as well ....

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    Hello. I am interested for this job. Can you briefly describe the job duties/responsibilities. Thanks. Navin.
    Tel: 07429434866.

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