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Thread: Can PSW be switch/dependent of PSW, or Tier 2 applying within UK? Urgent need help.

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    [QUOTE=niken83;7545]yes i am,

    I think you should once go through this link

    Dear Niken

    Switching means making an in-country application to change immigration categories.

    Switching to PBS dependant
    Unless one is currently in the UK with leave as specified in 319C(h), one cannot apply to switch to PBS dependant leave. In such case, one must apply for entry clearance from outside the UK.

    In simple words - if you are not in the UK as a PBS dependant then you cannot switch and need to apply for entry clearance from outside the UK.

    The link that you have given applies to wife switching to tier 2.
    please have a look at this link

    Please don't rely on my advise as a substitute to professional advise . I might be wrong , I am not a solicitor.


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    thnx for the update. appreciate that

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