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wht is FLR ?(Please don;t think uk government will give u visa because of nepal disaster,,Most of the students getting wrong information about enquiry from NRN LETTER .
Extreame FLR application trends by the Tier 4 students

Further Leave To Remain (FLR) is one of the last option for non-EU residents in UK to apply for UK visa or leave to remain under exceptional circumstances. Tier 4 (many of them )international students in UK also following the same path due several reasons.
Many students even donít know what is FLR or why they should apply to remain in this category or what will be the impact of his/her application. Being a overseas students in UK itís not a wise to change your category from Tier 4 to FLR visa.
Why studentís Making FLR application?
It is obvious that Tier 4 private college has very limited CAS nowadays and Home office also not allocating CAS on time to many colleges for some mysterious reason. Even if the college has CAS letters itís very very difficult for those students who hasnít got genuine academic progress. As a result desperate students (who donít want to leave UK) seeking for alternatives like FLR, Tier 2, sham marriage etc.
Some canny solicitors or lawyers not offering genuine advice to the students. Rather they are influencing students to apply for FLR so that they can make some quick money but students not thinking clearly whether they will be able to join college/university again under Tier 4 visa.
Impact of FLR application
As per my understanding this is the end of your journey in UK as a Tier 4 student if youíve lodged your FLR(o) application to UKVI. Itís pretty simple to sum up the outcome. Because if college/University arenít offering any course to you now then how would you believe you will be offered a place after getting FLR application approved. This not immigration rules that if you apply FLR you canít switch any other category of visa rather itís the ultimate choice of your sponsor (Tier 4) whether they will accept you or not. Obviously not, the reason is your intention is not genuine to study. Genuine students never seek for alternative of studies unless its different circumstances. When a Tier 4 sponsor (college/Uni) taking admission nowadays they are checking every single immigration history and education history to understand the students credibility.
So think wisely before you applying for FLR (O) category. Unless youíve a serious circumstances donít go for it. Many agents or solicitors may provoke you but again its the last thing you want to do if you really want to finish education in U

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