Namaskar Raju Dai and all friends

I am a 25 years Nepali man with British citizenship, I am planing to marry a 18+ bellow 19 years of age Nepali girl with Nepali Passport in Nepal . I have already done the letter of No impediment from my council here in the UK,
My confusion is just come to know, a new legal marriage age of 20 years age for a Nepali girl has been set up recently. how ever there are still a lots of marriage taking place before 20 years of age in Nepal. some individual say, even the marriage age for a Nepali women is setup 20 years, If the family parents from the both parties and the boy and girl arrange a meeting with CDO officer and provide the family agreement for the marriage, The CDO officer can authorize the Marriage.

If any one have gone through this kind of situation please advise me, and apart from marrying her in Nepal, is there any other way to bring her in UK and get marry later.

Thank you