Hello brothers and sisters,
namaskaar. special Namaste to Hotmale dai ...

bhakhar auta news le sabai lai panic attack diyjasto chha... tara kurai abujhi naatinu hola...news chahi khsai reality based chaiina jast chha hai...

immigaton rule 154 d i (in GOV.UK) says-
''The applicant must have completed and passed –

A UK recognised bachelor’s or masters degree (not equivalent qualification)

The applicant must have studied for the course in Uk institution that is a UK recognised or listed body or which holds tier 4 sponsor licence...''

so some cheap news walas and other dalali dais (better agent bhannu re lol...) are spreading false info about online course le tier 2 jana mildaina bhanera...plz leave ur comments. Hotmale dai ko ke chha hau bichar yesma??