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Thread: Life in the UK Test

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    Life in the UK Test


    I am sit my test in ten days. I have ready study material and do practice questions. I use online sites mostly for questions like Can anyone else advice on how to pass first time?

    I keep doing questions so far and get good marks, test is hard sometimes with random question on date/history.

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    Its not that hard bro,
    Just keep practice, u will BE ALRIGHT.


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    As England_hotmale mentioned its not too difficult.
    I did my test last week n passed.
    I tried all the practice questions in htt ps://lifeintheuktests .co . uk...but never got 24 in any test but worth going through them. Actual test questions r easier than the test ones.
    Few questions I remembered from my test:
    1.What is issued to check voters name n address on the day of election. Ans -Poll card
    2. Significance of Centopath built for ? 3. What's public holidays referred to as . Ans Bank holiday.
    4.When was right to vote for age 21 introduced? 1928
    5.What let amercan rise for independence? (Wen UK tried to levy tax-double check ans)
    6.In which battle Nelson died?
    7.Patron of northern ireland
    8.Significance of Magna carta
    9. Expectation of being good neighbourhood.
    10. To be able to vote need to be in which register -electoral register.
    True or False:
    1. UK has never used power to suppress Northern Ireland assembly.

    Only 1 date/year question in my exam.
    All the best to everyone who is attempting this exam.

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    I practiced on this website alone and passed first time

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    You can find more information about test on the following website

    You can also study and practice the test on

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    Good luck for everyone giving Life in the UK test.

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