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Thread: Change of Address form confused

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    Change of Address form confused

    I was just going through the form for the 'change of address' for Tier 2
    Which option do i need to select for question no.6
    6. What is the applicant making changes to?
    a. Application details before decision
    b. Application details after decison

    I don't get what decision it is referring to. I am not waiting for any decisions.

    Also on the help text, under Contact details, it says provide the previous address.
    But in the form, I don't see a section to include my previous address.

    Link to a form

    Also, do I need to send my previous BRP along with the form?

    One last question.
    How long does the process takes?
    Cause I am planning to travel outside of UK on the second week of December.

    Kind Regards

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    03330037381 try this

    They can assist u

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