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    Dear All,

    I came to UK as a student visa in 13 years ago.I got a ILR 2013 and applied Naturalisation (2015) for British Passport,now I got a letter from Liverpool Home Office that I have to attend a interview there at Liverpool to take the decision.My question is here is why are they called me on interview,I have got my whole families are here in UK,children are in school and we are fully settle here in UK.Can somebody explain me the reason for calling me interview in Liverpool Home Office for Naturalisation application.Thank you very much.


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    ]The reason why they call you for interview is ... First tell me Did u ever attend TOEC ENGLISH ? When u applied for ILR WHat was your status and did u apply via 10 years route ?
    Just to let you know Nowdays after getting ILR who apply for NATURALISATION THEY WILL CALL FOR interview If they had any fraud related case before which u forgot to mention.

    and sometime random checking will caught your file to have interview as well.

    If you let me know about all those and then will tell you wht to do next

    I tried to attach refusal letter but unable to attached it here...

    Hope it helps.
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    Dear England_hotmail,

    Thanks for your reply.I have never used TOEIC english certificate,but used City & Guild Entry level 3 from College with my LIUK test certificate.My status before ILR was student.Can you tell me what to do now?


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    Hope u didn;t pay to get that level 3 certificate . They will ask you when did u give english test ? which test centre how much fee you paid. How did u apply for ILR ? BY THE TIME WHEN U APPLIED for ILR .. if u r married then then will ask you when your dependent came to uk.
    what was your address .
    where you used to work during that time and current address.
    Its basic question they will ask you.. and if u have done any government funding course AFTER ILR . they will ask u about it as well.

    If u have not done Toec or never used any online degree to extend visa.. and before Ilr if u were on tier 4. .u had show your attendence according to your each year CAS progress.

    then no problem

    no need to worry..

    If u have done anything which u don;t feel comfortable to mention here. Pls do let me know in pm. I will try my best to guide you..

    and for now just chill..... and make sure u know your husband and your son full name and address .

    Hope it helps

    Proud 2b pakhe

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    there is a thread on this interview topic, looks like its just the random check on history and English.

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