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Thread: Where can i find good Immigration offices?

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    Where can i find good Immigration offices?

    I live in london.
    I want to know if there are any good immigration offices who deals Tier 2 or any visa matters?

    Kind regards

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    I mean good solicitors? That would be right term i guess..

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    ........ Whts the problem... If u can highlight over here.. I might help you to get the right direction

    and for your kind informatioin all solicitors r same... Its all depend on individual candidates case by case..

    Pls do let us know here..


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    Thanks @england_hotmale ..
    Actually I have loads of queries to ask about. So I thought its better to consult with solicitors.
    I researched a few.. Some charges 125+VAT, some this the normal consulting fee for an hour?

    Please let me know if you have any other solicitors which you think is good enough. not 'hawa' guff dinay haru..
    woolwich/greenwich/central london area

    kind reagrds

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    Mr Kumar Sir , Morning
    Thts why I have been asking you to post here some query so that we can try our best to help you and ITS FREE.

    we don;t charge here

    but ofcourse if you want solicitor they will charge you if you want to pay less I can suggest you solicitor who charge 50 to 100 maximum including vat.

    Hope it helps


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    Hello england_hotmail sir,
    Mero query ekdum long xha more than one page. So reply kurera basnu bhanda baru i walk to talk properly face to face.
    also I want to discuss regarding my uncle/aunt ko VISA.
    tei bhayera ho..

    So could you please provide some solicitors?

    kind regards

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    walk = want

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    Morning ... Where do u live ? I will try to find out near to your place if I know anyone

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    Good afternoon..
    In woolwich, london.
    But i don't think there are any near woolwich.
    So around central london is fine..

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    Its been 2 weeks..still no answer..
    Course lina janu parla jasto xha.. How to become a solicitor..

    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

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