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Thread: Financial planning review at no cost. (Worth 150) w/ Ablestoke Financial Planning

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    Financial planning review at no cost. (Worth 150) w/ Ablestoke Financial Planning

    Financial planning is more - we are a financial planning business what that means is - we sit down with our clients and look at where you are in life, more importantly how can we help you achieve the things that are important in your life. What we tend to find is most people don’t want to work forever but they do want a lifestyle forever. Most want to efficiently own the roof over their head. Most people want to make sure they aren’t unduly paying tax and if they are owed tax back from the revenue, most people like to know how to get it back. What we tend to find is we don’t know what we don’t know. But what does happen ah if I had that information earlier I would have been in a better situation now. The idea is if we establish any regret we can’t do anything about it. But reviewing your current circumstances, establishing and quantifying your current goals. We can help you confidentially move forward.

    If you want a house, you want to look after your kids that all requires some form of planning. Very few people are successful by chance. One thing you can’t do in regards to money in fact anything to do with money is wind back the clock. How does someone know they have a retirement shortfall? How does someone they are paying too much investment charges? We aren't product orientated we are outcome orientated, how can we help you achieve what you want to do in your life. So part of the exercise is to quantify on how you want your future to look. Someone once said if you have a goal without a time frame it’s just a dream.

    We give our clients an ongoing service, there's no such thing as a get rich scheme, it’s about forming to habits to fit along your plan and to review that, to make sure if the world changes or your plans change, funny enough budgets, government changes, to Brexit or not: all this stuff bears reflection on your money, lifestyle and your goals. Actually if you are one of those people that checks in every year and not leaving things to fate you are the kind of person I want to meet.

    Call Dharmesh Patel on 0203 463 8820 to book an appointment or for further information.
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    Financial planning review at no cost! Seems absolutely amazing. Keep sharing such details here. I will be starting out with wealth saving and investments for a better financial situation in future. I was just finding an expert certified financial planner india and have finally found your service. Thanks for this share.

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