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Thread: Some changes from July..................will be..

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    Some changes from July..................will be..

    Appeal Fees Increases: Consultation
    The Government is proposing a major hike in appeal fees.
    For Tier 1:
    Hearing on papers to become 490 from 80 currently;
    Oral hearing to be 800 from 140

    If you lose at Tier 1, seeking permission from the Tier 1 to appeal to the Upper Tribunal will be 455; this is something new
    If the First Tier refuses you permission, then you can seek permission direct from the Upper Tribunal and the proposed fee is 350
    If the Upper Tribunal gives permission, the hearing will be 510
    Please note that these have not come into force and it the proposed changes are set out in a consultation paper
    Just a word of warning, do not be surprised if the changes are made as stated. The Government in these matters goes through the motions of democracy.
    Of course, the best way to avoid this costly process is to make a good application in the first place and avoid appeals. Good luck if you can do it, otherwise seek professional help.

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    Changes in 2016 Immigration Act – or hostile environment continues
    You need to be aware of big changes in the new Immigration Act which will be gradually introduced. From 12 July 2016 if you are working illegally, for example:
    • you do not have valid leave,
    • you’re contravening an immigration condition prohibiting work such as Tier 4 in private colleges,
    • work which comes under other categories such as Tier 1, 2 and 5
    then you could be fined and/or imprisoned for up to 51 weeks.

    The employer could face a prison sentence up to 5 years, increased from 2 years, and /or fined up to 20k.
    The Government will also change the appeals under human rights from a date yet to be announced. These appeals will be from outside the country, unless there is “irreversible harm”, so any leave you have built up will be lost. These decisions can be challenged via a judicial review, but bear in mind the costs and chances of success.
    The best way to reduce the chances of a refusal under human rights is to make sure your application is well made and shows you and your circumstances in the best possible light. Unless you can do this my advice is to seek professional help.

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