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Thread: Adopting from Nepal

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    Adopting from Nepal

    Namaste everyone

    Aaile ma British Citizen ho. NRN apply garna laako chu. Ma Nepal bata mero cousin lai legal guardian banera leuna ke garnu parcha???
    Ma married for 5 years. Mero husband Nepali citizen. No children yet.
    Mero cousin and mine ko age gap 30 years. Usko parents chaina.

    Thank you

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    wht u mean legal guardian ? . If u want to bring anyone .You have to look visitor application form and follow the requirements.
    Basic paper is your sponsor letter. accommodation letter, payslip, bank statement .

    Whoever in Nepal applicant must show her/his income source, any property/rent prove. As u mention u want to bring your cousin . She can apply visitor visa but again its very difficult to get visa until and unless if she got any income source. where it will help to come here and leave uk on time.

    Hope it helps


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