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Thread: Company refused what next...?

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    Company refused what next...?

    Hotmale Daju namaskaar, sewaro!!
    Euta syaano problem (huna ta thulai ho!) aayo ni ta, dajuko sallah chaahiyo.
    Tier-2 ko application haleko, pending hudai aako thyo, ahile company suspend bhaera refusal letter po pathaucha ukvi le. pahila tier 2 ma apply garnu bhanda aghi flr 0 haaleko, refuse bhaera 28 days bhitra tier 2 haleko re.
    aba ke garne hola?? 10 barsh ni count hudaina bhanchan, feri tier 2 paauna garo chha, aba company nai udepachhi ke ko admin review garnu??...confuse po bho ta...
    sallaha dinu paryo daju, kaso garni aba?

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    Its all depend on how long u been here in uk.

    Pls do let me know
    R u single ?
    R u married ?
    any kids ?
    on which basis u applied Flro before.
    what is the reason onf refusal beside company suspended.
    how many years/months remaining for 10 years.

    and then can say exactly which one is worth to gamble or to pack bag ,


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    Namaste daju...they need help urgently....
    Person in question is:
    married couple, kid born here but left to Nepal due to 'hardship'
    came in 2010, FLRO haleko chahi tier 2 ko apply garne time buy garna...but asking some time to find sponsor as previous tier 4 was suspended and varied with FLRO, but...uncle harule refuse garihalyo...
    now: reason for refusal company udyo! thus no valid CoS...etc. and 14s days time dieko chha re admin review or other option..
    kehi upaya bhae dinus...problem chai FLRO ni refuse bhayo, ani 28 days bhitra tier 2 haleko (2015) ma, ahile after 2 yrs pending bhaera yo ni refuse bho company suspend bhaera ...hope it is clear!!
    thank you daju!!
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    As a Guardian . I suggest you to pack your bag and money . If you don't want to take that option then pls let me know how many days left now . I can advice to go with other fresh application but strongly advice you not to go for Flr Fp. Hope it helps .

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    Thanks a lot Daju!
    If there is a way out of this ...with a view to stretch the stay towards 10 yrs..that would be great...
    And your advice on other 'fresh application' option is highly welcome, and crucial too!! Regarding timeline, as far as i know its now about a week left for the AR (1 days) deadline...
    Some solicitors are advising to go to admin review..although it is doomed to failure eventually....but then can come up with other options by that time, as they have been advised.

    Also, will this new ...rather breaking news ... will come to help...which is being covered by most of the media today...going back to student visa option...?? Will that be anything possible option at the table for this couple....might be late...I suppose. Please check this link:
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    Nothing we can say untill and unless there is any updates in ukba website.

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    Daju le kina ho FLR FP nagarnu bhanya?? Maie chineko dui jana le 2 barsha time buy garna gareka le tyastai sallah diecha.
    Ani you mathiko case ma ke option chha bhannu bhako dajule?? admin review ta gara bhannu parla ..solicitor le ni tyahi sallah dieko chha re...ani tyaspachhi chahi ke garne hola?...kehi upay bhaye please share hai...
    sabai forum ka daju harulai request chha.

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    FLR FP IS LIKE CANCER. FOR EXAMPLE. If u been here 7/8 years Many applied FLR FP just because solicitor told them but don;t know exactly why and how it works.

    Now most of them who applied before7/8/9/10 months got interview date to attend in london bridge. Once they attend they will get detained or they will get option to leave country if any medical reason or pregnant students.


    Remember its not like before FLR OR FLR0. YES DURING THOSE TIME it helps to buy time but not with FLR FP.
    Even if u buy with that and didn;t get result yet . pls switch to another category ASAP.

    and now about your case. on which ground you going to do admin review. just because your sponsor licence is suspended and your visa is refused, /

    Only option is to have fresh application.

    Tell your friend to come here and explain exactly so that I can try my best according to their situation .


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    Sure Dai, I will pass this info- her email
    or you may wish to give your contact here...LoL...

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    Kasto email id ho sauni.
    afnai jasto cha.

    Better u tell your friend to follow nepalisamajuk and can send from here too.

    hoina case afnai hoki parne ko ho ?

    contact chaiyo re lol ?

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