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Thread: Hindi speaker needed for translation help, London

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    Hindi speaker needed for translation help, London

    I’m an adviser in the Money advice project at Kensington Citizens Advice. I have been seeing a Nepalese client who speaks and understands very little English.He has always agreed to bring his son to help with translation but always comes alone to appointments, and communication is very difficult for that reason. We do not have any Hindi speakers we can access, and I’m wondering if you can suggest any sources of help?
    It may be that we need to send him to an agency where there is a Hindi speakingworker or interpreter, as we have none in this area as far as we are aware.
    If you are able to help, or know of someone who could, please leave me a message. Many thanks

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    To start with, your Nepalese client needs someone who can translate English to Nepalese language. Hindi is for Indian nationals. With no doubt you can easily find English to Nepalese interpreters in London at a cost.

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    Hi Anne

    I think you are confuse between Nepalese language and indian.
    Its 2 different language.

    If you are looking for Nepalese who can help then I can try to find out someone .


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