7 years Law for children in the UK under Immigration Rules.People live under the impression that they would submit the application for further leave to remain in the UK only when their child attains 7 or more. Mostly are over stayers and illegal and follow the wrong concept that they would sit and wait and would not take any action.By doing so they are acting against their childís best interest. By keeping him an over stayer and illegal. The Home Office now considers the compliance as a huge factor in anyoneís immigration history. If people are not in the system or they donít bother to submit their applications or representations are not complying.Another wrong concept is that if people are reporting then they are complying. Itís only reporting that they are living in the same address and that they are approachable. Nothing more than this. The Home Office requires people to submit their representations or applications. Itís not compulsory that you make paid applications which cost people thousands of pounds for Home Office fee. There are ways to make fresh claims.