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Thread: Refused Naturalisation and travelling to Zimbabwe

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    Refused Naturalisation and travelling to Zimbabwe

    My nepaly friend Baburam refer me this website for the immigration matter, hope I get a very good solution from here.My history is I came to the UK as a student visa from Zimbabwe and got my ILR as being 10 years student here.But in 2014 I applied my naturalisation and Home office refused my naturalisation application as a TOEIC issue said which I didn't give it my self and done by other.From Home office letter said I can't apply British Citizen for 10 years. For the truth is I gave myself first one and another one is paid money.Now all my husband and 5 children became the British Citizen.My question is1) Can I apply now naturalisation saying all my families got the British Citizenship?(2) Also if I go Zimbabwe for holiday this year, while returning will there be any problem with an Immigration officer at the Heathrow Airport due to my TOEIC and refused Naturalisation?(3) Will Immigration Officer let me in without any problem or not?(4) Can I take my husband and children British Passport as the proof that my family are here in the UK just on the safe side?Thank you Joice Mujuru

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    Good morning, There will be no any problem when you coming back from holiday. Refusing Naturalisation does not means you are illegal or did crime. Its related to character . You can fight for that decision. Get one good solicitor who can get all your TOEIC HISTORY DETAILS WHICH SOLICITOR CAN ASK FROM Toeic board for example your voice recording etc. Enjoy your holiday. If they ask you about Toeic in heathrow then tell them u did yourself. so far they will not ask you about that as u mention your kids already got british passport. Remember still This country respect Queen.Hope it helpsRegardspakhe

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