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Thread: Hi guys, how is life in UK for you anyway?

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    Hi guys, how is life in UK for you anyway?

    Namaste, hi guys, I am from Nepal and been studying my last year of BSc (Hons) Com****ng, The British college in Kathmandu. My two elder brothers who are still serving under British military wants me to apply for UK visa. On the other hand my parent want to come back and settle in Nepal. My parent hate UK lifestyle, of course we can understand why old generation love their home country. My dad despite being Ex Gurkha hate living in UK LOL and My mom, retired nurse, I think she volunteer or work part time in elderly help center somewhere near Aldershot, she enjoyed her time working there for sometime but she can't work there anymore and well she is bored, I think.To tell you the truth, all my friends who were Gurkha's children went to UK after we finished our SLC. Nobody stayed behind. I am the only one remain to study here and look after my grand parent and household. The courtyard is empty, usual Friday and Saturday is event less, nobody to talk to but I still love it here. I love travelling and visiting places and been to UK many times during my winter vacation over the past years but that it, I just love visiting UK and nothing more. I don't feel like living there or working there. I greatly enjoy reunion and gathering time with my childhood friends when I visit UK but I don't feel like living there with them. Weird isn't it? During work days, I can't even get the chance to meet young Nepalese in Aldershot streets, everyone so busy and working, must be really hard to survive. My my cousins wake up very early in the morning and catch a train to London for work. During my visit the only day I meet them was on weekend, amazing isn't it?! Same with my friends and other relatives. Aldershot was full of old veteran, wondering aimlessly around park, poor old generation. They terribly missed Nepal. All the time I was in park, they were telling me their childhood stories and growing up in village. Now not even their grand children have time for such stories. God! my heart was broken. My friends doesn't really reveal that much of their life in UK even if they are barely living or living on debt. I don't know if it's life that don't give us choices or we are the one who never make it but I hope you guys find out what you are looking for, good luck.

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    Hey KunlungYou have an interesting story. Living in the UK for people could be dream but for many it is also the situations. People like yourself who have visited and seen the life in UK definitely would not like to come and live here. I feel sorry for our elder-lies wondering around the parks in Aldershot. Social life sucks in the UK. However I would also see the bright part of UK for this generation. Coming from country like Nepal to UK, I very much appreciate the opportunities to live, study, learn and earn. After living for couple of years in this part of the world I have understood where our country stands in world. I do have plans to return home and settle down in couple of years and I believe everyone one of us need to make such efforts. But as you said everyone does not have that kind of choice. There are many youths who have achieved a lot since they have been in the UK. They just need a bit of motivation to take their expertise back home. Life isn't bad for those who take their future seriously. Overall I am very satisfied living here and continue to motivate people to come to UK to study and learn to develop their life skill.

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