Hello Hotmale Bro and other GURU and GURU aama haru,I have completed my 10 years legal stay. I have wife and two children below 14 years. My wife's 10 years legal stay has been broken. My daughters are born in UK but they have their country's passport as they had travelled once to their country. So, Please let me know the following questions.1. Which form should I fill for ILR application?2. Should we,all family members have to apply together or, I only have to apply first?3. if my wife and children cannnot apply with me, when can they apply and which application form to use?4. Should i have to show bank statement for my application, if so, how much money to show? 5. should I have to show money for my dependants, if so, can we use our joint income (my and my wife's income) to show that we are earning sufficient money?6. Is there any benefit of using solicitor or i can make application myself for ILR? DO i get any credit if i use solicitor?Please let me.Thanks a lot hai