Hi,I have a situation here.I have a CAS and the course is due to start in January 2019and also I have a curtailment letter and the last date to remain here is 7 January 2018.I came here as a student(Msc) in SEP 2009 so I will be eligible for ILR in SEP 2019 (10 years route).I have dependant as well.Situation 1I am doing masters again MBA. 2009 ma already did MSc. SO tier 4 visa paunay chance dherai kaam xha.If my Tier 4 visa gets rejected, will I be able to make application for set(LR)?Situation 2Go with Solicitor ko advice.Tier 4 apply nagara ray. Baru set(LR) (sth like that) khai k ho apply gardinxhu ray.ani appeal gardai basnay ray till my time for ILR is due.Any suggestions?Kind regardsprakash