Having a website is one thing, but making sure that the website is in top of Google is another. It can be a bit difficult to know where to begin. Here are some of the tips which will help you achieve high ranking on Google or any other Search Engines.

1. If possible a new website, with relevant domain name, which includes one of the main keyword/s you want to promote.

2. Choose the key phrases (off 2 to 3 words) you would want to promote, I suggest upto 3 keyphrases per page. Use Google's keyword selector tool. You can also promote your key phrases locally for example: adwords management birmingham, low cost adwords management birmingham, seo specialist birmingham, which will help you achieve local customers.

3. Write down fresh and unique content for your website pages, which includes the key phrases you want to promote.

4. Optimise the title tag of the website, each web page needs to have separate title tag, which will need to include the key phrases you are looking to promote.

5. Optimise meta tags - description and keyword - make sure description tag is in relevance to the title and the content of the page.

6. While adding images on to the website, name the images other than 001.jpp, make sure it says adwords_management.jpg.

7. Alt and Title tag the image - title tag is imporant for Firefox as it doesn't read Alt tags.

8. Use heading tags: examples shown below:
Adwords Management
Search Engine Optimisation Advice
. Heading tags should include the keyword/s you are promoting for that certain page. You can even link it to go to a certain page within your website, where it has more information on that product/service.

9. Make links from other pages, keywords in file names, and keywords in hyperlinks can boost search engine rankings.

10. Create an XML sitemap and verify it at Google.

11. Submit the site into Search Engines and Directories.

After you have done that it will take few weeks for your key phrases to be seen on Search Engines. Constant adding of fresh and unique content on to your website will help you achieve high rankings.

Do not expect quick results.
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by Saurav Rimal