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Thread: Overstaying in Europe (not in the UK)

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    Re: Overstaying in Europe (not in the UK)

    Arjun ji First you need to know yourself before you teach other about sense or other things, look the answer by Rajuji, you can learn from him, try to respect other if you want to be respected, faleko brichya ko hago kaha chha ra najhukeko ? tapartuiya gyan nadekhaunus, try to be like Nepali,

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    Re: Overstaying in Europe (not in the UK)

    I get the impression, Arjun clearly has certain views about immigration in the UK, and in our democratic, freedom of speech society there is perhaps nothing wrong with airing such views. But I think Arjun went slightly over the top by immediately firing at the person asking the queston. The subject starter was just asking a simple question and there was really no need to be repulsive in return. Perhaps an apology to all our NepaliSamajUK forumers should be considered : - )  - from both parties.

    On the other hand, it appears Arjun is (or has) been a credit to this forum through the answering of questions. It's sad that in our community that we don't appreciate enough the effort and time, people put in, particularly in forums like this one and we should congratulate Arjun and Raju Thapa for doing this.

    Lastly, I know there are plenty more potential forum contributors out there, who either remain silent readers, maybe a little afraid of airing their view. I say, don't be afraid, this forum is perhaps the only online forum on the Internet where UK-based Nepali's and people with an interest in all things Nepali go to. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate the vibrancy and diversity of the Nepali community in the UK.

    So what are you waiting for, get posting  ;D

    Save Amar Bahadur Bam

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