Dear Raju Dai Namaskar.
Thank you for your valuable time to contribute in this forum, I really appreciate your time in this matter.
about my problem,
I have got spouse Dependent visa (wife ILR) for 2 years and going to finish on 15 June 2009. I could apply settlement 28 days before the visa expire, but i come here only after 24 days of visa issue date(i. e. visa issue date was 15th June 2007 and my UK entered date was 9th July 2007), according to rules I can apply only 28 days before I come here, isnot it? If so, I will have 4 days only to eligible.
another thing, my visa is going to expire on 15-06-2009 (Monday), i think i will be eligible to apply on 10 or 11 ( Wednesday/Thursday )June 2009. I afraid, is that 4 days (including weekend) are sufficient for apply by post since I couldn't get the premium service appointment.
please help me. I am in great trouble.
awaiting for your kind advice.
thanks and regards
Nepali Vai