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Thread: student and work

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    student and work

    Raju Dai, some questions are here, please help me
    1. I am Masters Student in a University, I have completed my taught modules and dissertation is due in Jan. 2010. Can I work full time in this summer vacation (dissertation writing student can NOT work full time- but what about summer vacation? I am confused.
    2. After submission of the dissertation can student work full time while waiting for the result of dissertation?
    3. Actually how they (Visa authority) know that- somebody is working full time or not ?
    4 . Can student apply for the Post Study Work while the result have been published(University gives a letter explaining that he has passed his course but the graduation is due)
    Though these are my personal circumstances- I hope these would be really useful of lots of Nepali students in the UK who are confused regarding work and study
    Waiting your response,

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    Re: student and work

    Dear Man bhai

    I understand that you are studying taught + dissertation module in your Masters Degree. I am giving general information applies to you and other students who are in similar position. Those following a recognised degree course at a publicly funded institution of further or higher education, or a course at an independent fee-paying school, need only demonstrate that the course is full-time. The student should produce an original letter giving details of hours and pay as evidence.This also applies to those following a degree course at a bona fide private education institution where the degree will be awarded by a recognised university, including the Open University. All other students must demonstrate that they meet the requirement to spend at least 15 hours per week in organised daytime study.

    Students may take part-time or full time vacation work without needing to seek the permission of the Home Office. Similarly they will be able to take up work placements which are part of a sandwich
    course or to undertake internship placements without the need to obtain permission
    from Work Permits (UK).
    Students should not work for more than 20 hours a week during term time, except where a work placement meets the definition of a sandwich course or internship. They may work full time during their vacation period and during the additional period of 2 or 4 months following completion of their studies whilst waiting for their examination results, prior to attending their graduation ceremony or before commencement of their new course. A student must not engage in business, self-employment or the provision of services as a professional sports person or entertainer.

    In your case, the provisions of paragraph 69G (only applies to write up a thesis) does not apply if a student is writing up a thesis as part of a course on which you enrolled for Masters. In
    this instance any leave granted to write up a thesis forms part of the course and
    should cover the period up to the submission of the thesis plus 4 months. In view of the fact that you are attending the course of taught/dissertation module which you should not intend to engage in business or to take employment, except part time or full time in vacation . I don't see any problem that you can not work full time after submission of your dissertation whilst waiting for result.
    In relation to Q3, the UK Border Agency can obtain information from HM Revenue & Custom through your NI Number. If you fail to disclose or conceal the facts, it will not only refuse your application but also adversely affect in your future application.

    In relation to Q4, if you pass your exam and the University issue a letter explaining your commencement/ completion date enclosing with your original official transcript and certificate you can apply as a Tier 1 (Post Study work) under points based system provided that you satisfy attributes section states in paragraph 245Z of the Immigration Rules with maintenance (funds) for last 3 consecutive months. You must have minimum of 800 in each and every day transaction for period of 3 months.

    I believe this clarifies the matter to you.
    Many thanks
    Raju Thapa
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    Re: student and work

    Raju dai, Thanks so much for your kind help. I hope, not only me, other Nepali stusents with similar querries also benefited from this.
    with dure respect

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