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Thread: We are the war

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    Re: We are the war

    Today I saw the fire on the face of man. And cruelty of people upon him drive by the same madness that ran the government for past hundred years. Today I saw a future facing the past and the present trying to explain why he is outcome of both of them? I saw a same people again rising to stop him. And I saw something I never seen. A fire that is not exactly on his face. It was a cold fire. And it means to burn everything in its path.

    Today was the last ultimatum from Maoist.
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    Re: We are the war

    Guys what I saw today I cant explain it. But it seem like they are asking for civil war. I dont want it in a cost of my country. And I have a very good hunch Chinese politics are behind it too. My parent work under UN and they told me there are talks of conspiracy to create a war between Jhanjati and others. And what worst is todays event confirm this a little bit. Guys you may not know this but take it from me. There is talks of hatred and fights all over teenager boys.

    During Hutu and Tutsi war of 1996, my dad was stationed there. More then 3 million Tutsi people were slaughtered and later investigation found out the hutu rebels were supplied war weapons by chinese warlord. Warlord are those agent who supply weapon for country or particular group. UN army siege some of them weapon then and found hundred of crate of man slaughtering sword imported from china. More then 45 UN army and staff were killed during that conflict. My dad almost got killed. He still never stop talking how he survive? Poor him, I guess people who escape sudden death seem to face trauma all there life.

    And now my dad and all other UN official are restless to end this conflict day and night. He told me Nepal political situation is exactly same as Rwanda revolution just before the civil war.
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    Re: We are the war

    UN have 5 security council, China, USA, UK, France and Russia. Statement resolution act mentioned that no one or country authority can put this council in International court of justice. That is they are immune to the very law they created. So investigation found china guilty but case was close. Warlords never represent there native government, they act like they are private firm or company, but they are the main sources of income for country like china. Inside UN there is term for those people "Merchant to death".

    Remember Ex Gurkhas army GAESO place case against UK in International Court of Justice. But turn down instead. Well there you have it. That is why? GAESO didnt know about that, did they?

    China will benefit from this wars, and they always seem to be in hurry. India can do nothing to help us. They are helpless themselves. Even Bhutan can take over indian defense and control there government. With campare with china?!!!
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