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Thread: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि 

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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    @kapa ........i again disagree when you say the governments tries to manupulate own citizens.

    I think british government is very loyal and caring about its citizen. At least much better than most of the countries. You can see it everywhere. Take an example of London , full of survillaince and cameras , police to protect citizens. They have made mandatory that every buildings are regulated with safety standard. They check every small resturants, shops etc so that health and safety standards are mantained.

    They provide free health. They give money to the unemployed, disabled. Takes care of them. They help single mother. when my dad (who recently turned british) went to soon as he landed in india he recieved a text from british embassy in india giving important numbers etc just in case of trouble. he was surprised. I wonder which other government takes care of its citizen so much.

    If you have right the government gives all the opperutnity to appeal and go legally. In nepal even when y ou are right there are many cases where you can't simply appeal particuarly when it comes to the culprit from political parties.

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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    I can only re-iterate what knight says.

    It is about research, self-discipline, managing your own money, understanding your responsibilities etc.

    I don't think Nepali students in general are aware of the skills and responsibilities they have to undertake when they reach here. That's something that needs to addressed.
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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    Well england hotmale I didnt said I am not proud of British government, I just said I dont trust them. They have really help our country in past and we honor that history together. But now ever since Gurkhas and there family are migrating to uk each day and we really are being pain in there but. Well okay if some british person is paid Euro 5/hrs for work, we are even happy to work for Euro 3/hrs so we took there place. And if you dont know that, well they really hate us for that. Not to mentioned indian and pakistani are treated same ways in the past. Same case in Hongkong and USA. Well we have common history and stories, which why we are treated nicely. But you can't stay empty stomach for some history we shared in past. Due to recent economic crisis, everyone is desperate and like you said Mr England hotmale everybody only trust there own shadow.

    Well Knight how can I argue with you now since you are already the example of how british government work with mind of people. But you are right too in your part. Goodluck

    Once again I ask for forgiveness from both of you. If I am being too much went offending.
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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    @ kapa.....

    if some british person is paid Euro 5/hrs for work, we are even happy to work for Euro 3/hrs so we took there place. And if you dont know that, well they really hate us for that.

    ================================================== ==========================

    This statement just shows that you probably know nothing. Remember......

    --- In Britain minimum age is 5.80 pound per hour. If any employer employs somebody less than that he is breaking the labour law. If your employer don't pay you call the number. British government advertises the number from different medium. They have strict law that nobody should get less than that amount. If you don't report you are as much part of crime as the one who employs you.

    --- Why would british people hate us by not wanting to work for less than stipulated amount. You are putting a wrong accusation on entire british people which is wrong accusation.

    ================================================== ========================

    If you are talking about didn't they get equal amount now. Isn't law very fair here.We can at least appeal. Arn't people like Joanna lumley and million of whites who supported gurkha movement also british. Didn't all major parties supported gurkha and put pressure on government to change old rule? Even parties like BNP had soft corner for gukrha and said it would easily swap gurkha with other race people. So why are you blaming british.

    Gurkha was not discriminated at the time of agremeent. At that point of time gukrha had no intention to settle in UK and the amount being paid to them was sufficient for the life in Nepal. Neither british government thought that gurkha would settle in UK nor gurkha wanted to settle in UK. So it was cheaper for UK government to employ gurkha and it was good for gurkha that they were getting good sum of money. In a due course of time when gurkha started to settle in Uk only then there money was insufficient. They appealed and they got .

    Just remember one thing, every country employs worker from other countries because it is cheaper for them. For example, a software company in US or UK will have a small branch in Nepal. People in Nepal will work in developing software and send it back to US. They company don't have to pay huge sum of money to people who work for same amount of time compared to any US citizen. Many mobile companies like vodafone, 3 etc have call centre in India because it is cheaper for them.

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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    Hi! kapa!
    I think you got wrong impression on British Government. Life in UK is 500% better than Nepal. UK government is 1000% better than Nepal government. I think you are living in protected circle of Nepali who are called Nepali but they are sucking ordinary Nepali. Please try to see Uk from the eyes of ordinary Nepali. I love Nepal but I hate most of the Nepali leaders(they are actually criminal who have broken many human rights).

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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    kapa,,, honestly,, u sounds educated person without any general knowledge
    I feel sorry for for u ,
    how dare u say tht BRITISH PEOPLE HATE NEPALESE

    u r the first n last person who is saying tht,,
    about wages,,, british people only hate those asylum seeker who is claiming benefit without any reason,,
    FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION, I WORK with english people from last 11 yrs here in london
    never heard tht they hate nepal,, ya its true,, british indian origin think tht nepal is part of india

    Better u mind your dial up thinking, try to make it broadband, baby

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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    Come on Knight
    that euro 5/hrs was just an example, how would I know what rules are there?
    The very reason that I never trusted British government is something to do with conflict that happened in 1994 inside Africa, due to which approximately 3.1 million innocent women and children were slaughtered. And United nation witness that. According to UN resolution no individual nor nation can charge against security council in International court of justice which included UK too. So the case is closed. But if you work inside UN you will know that this is one of the very topics everyone once in a while discussed about. I dont hate Britain nor her people, just that I dont trust there government and the ways there minds work. You know knight, I am absolutely sure how far they can go to saved there own skin. Like england hotmale said, everyone must trust there only shadow.

    You must defend UK from every accusation, of course you have to. Because your future is attached with her. Symbian relation I called it. I do have general knowledge thats why I keep fighting eventhough it seem odd and fruitless. Still I dont mean to offend anyone. Something to accused for what evil they have done is not wrong in my book, but to silence it as if its never happened is beyond evil, inhuman and unjust.

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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    Firstly I didnt say I hate British people nor the country. I just said I dont trust British Government. Well some of you may be treated well or have very good british friends. Still there is always a shadow under the very candle that is light, isn't it? Just like in Nepal.

    Uk is now your second homeland. You have every rights to defend her. Just dont blame her later. Thats all.

    My hate is not even my own personal, if British government denied the accusation as they have once already, I dont think what I can do about it nor those victims. USA wont talk, UN have no power, Nepal certainly never ever can do a bit about this. So all I can do is talk. And even that I know is fruitless.
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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    Even if I could do something about it, I wont. Because I know I will get shot or murder or worst kidnap by authority in order to maintain people happiness and dreams. I will be single out. Nobody dare to talk like me. Nobody will back me. You know if I was in london I dont know if I will even write like this. The second I write such stories I will be .............
    So I am safe in Nepal.

    For whom I am speaking or fighting, those people already dead and turn into dust. ;D well then. Be done with it. I rest my case. Goodnite and goodluck
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    Re: "कोठानै रहेन छ, college किन खोल्ने ?". "पार्कमा पनि

    Dear england hotmale
    I darenot say anything to british people, there is this agency I used to volunteer with, they all are from UK and I made really good friend with them.

    Sorry if I mean anything like that.

    I didnt mean to.

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