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Thread: Polite Request from Admin

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    Re: Polite Request from Admin

    ;D suva prabhat, jaya nepal,,,, jenish

    , I think there is difference between proud n guts,,, pls if u don;t mind check dictionary,,,,,,,

    thank u

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    Re: Polite Request from Admin

    I have done Post graduation diploma in Business management from staffordshire university just now and my convocation will be nxt month.
    My visa is going to expire 31st of july 2010 again next month .

    Now I want to know one thing can I apply for PSW to extetnd my visa ?
    As i read from one of site that United Kingdom postgraduate certificate or diploma or "Professional Graduate Diploma in Education It is not necessary for the awarding body to be a United Kingdom recognised body"
    I read from above site.

    I am doing from one of College " birmingham college " and they told me that you will get certificate from University it self. Nothing from College. so

    Now can i apply for PSW or not ?

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    Re: Polite Request from Admin

    hi there, i havent been a regular user of this forum but i am just here on and off. I have been going through ENGLAND_HOTMALE's thread time and again but to be honest, i find it abusive or offensive.well, we all except a bit of a decency in his writings but i feel his message is pretty decent. i just feel he lacks the way he portays his expression. yes i do agree that the frequent use of ' LOL' at certain threads might be misleading but if you view with an open mind and go for the message of his thread ,i guess its OK. Its about time how we see and interpret it better and with an open mind.


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    Re: Polite Request from Admin

    england hotmale(ryan kc) is an irritating member in this forum

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    To protect you must have to be very tough sometimes. Thanks for the thread by the way.
    The London Study -

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