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Thread: Raju Dai !! Pls help

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    Raju Dai !! Pls help

    Dear Dai !! i have heard a lot positive comments on ya ...esp serving those aspiring nepalese whov gone astray over some legal issues wit the UK border agency. this forums previous threads have helped me counter some major problems thought. my story is ....i will be applying for the uk settlement visa as a husband in the second week of this month. my wife is my sponsor who was issued ILE through her dads status before our marriage. now shes a fully employed personnel who has the accomodation leased under her name, although her parents pay the rent. all of her requisite documents are almost all set to be posted shortly. now my problem is that im unemployed and iv been supported by my single mother who is a widow for the last 5 years. my wife hasnt provided me with any financial support as my mothers income is quite sufficient to support me as well and i have indeed asked my wife to save all her savings for the days to come. im now in a dilemma whether to check the box titled unemployed or the box supported by family member ( ie my mom ) under Part 5 Finances and Employment in the settlement visa application form. i think if i check the unemployed box, the visa section officer may raise questions regarding whos been supporting me throughout these times and as i said earlier my wife hasnt sent me any support since she traveled to the uk. so to be honest i wish to check the supported by family member and present with substantial income sources of her including her pension slip and the rent fees from the tenants, how about that ?? well my dad was an ex-british army who passed away 5 years ago and my moms been supporting me and my brother since then. in addition our source of income is also from the rent that we have been providing the tenants. Raju dai !! do i also need to include my any fixed assets ?? bank savings ?? are they necessary ?? also do i need to present my academic documents ?? i have quit studies after my intermediate college since my dad passed away and my brother was abroad for his further studies and was bound to look after home as my mom is uneducated and old. currently i hold no jobs and dont practise any works. Raju dai !! plss help me what do i fill in below for ... Do you intend to work in the UK ?? my answer is definitely yes..but what do i include i mean what to fill in....If 'Yes' ...they require me to provide the details........pls help me dai.....Many many thanks in advance.................................Outbreak bhai

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    Re: Raju Dai !! Pls help

    ;D,,, o raju dai ko pyaro bhai,,, OUTBREAK,,,,, ;D UNCLE,,, SUVA PRABHAT

    ,, K HO YAR, I m trying to solve your problem but,, at least paragraph rakhera type garana yar,,

    ;D,, timi outbreak,,,, yaha dimag break,, finger break,, ;D, aba COMPUTER KO INK NI FINISH HUNCHA BHANERA HO KYA,, ;D
    ,,,,, , CONCLUSION,,, MA YASO HERDA,, u don;t work...................., u got wife,........ she don;t support,,, ....she is ILR,,, n u want to apply for ,, ILR TOO,, WITHIN 2ND WEEK OF FEB 2010,,,, ;D
    .....................................AS FAR AS I KNOW,,,, if u r her dependent for 2 yrs then i don;t think there is any problem to get ILR ,,, UNTILL U GET ANY CRIMINAL RECORD,,,,, ;D
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,TIMI kam gardaina bhanera tension linu pardaina,,, at least benefit khako ta chaina,,, ;Dtyo ni thagera,,,,, ;D


    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BY THE WAY I m not raju dai,,,I m pakhe from patharkot,,,, ;D,,, I just inform u even those who is taking benefit got ILR THEN WHY DON;T U,,,,,

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    Re: Raju Dai !! Pls help

    If you are dependent may be you should say you don't intend to work in UK. I am not so sure but as far as common sense says dependent is the one who can live in the country without going for employment.

    Aru kura jaha samma cha, i dont see any problem. Just write what is true. I don't see any problem in your case.

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    Re: Raju Dai !! Pls help

    o pakha frm patharkot england_hotmale,timi nai uncle jasto lag6 aru lai k uncle bhanako ha n if u dnt know how to respsect others plz u dnt need to write nonsense on this useful forum frm where people can get their mind ur business u nosy old twat.
    if u dnt know why the people write here so for ur kind information its the way they can get their ways ok.instead of writin those stupid things could u write somthing useful to others orelse u dnt put ur nose in.
    BY ur way of writing everyone can say that u r wasting urs n our time......! > > > >
    sorry raju dai i think u need to tell this england_hotmale not to write all nonsense.

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    Re: Raju Dai !! Pls help

    Dear Outbreak bhai
    I have fully read contents of your letter and raw advice was given in the Forum. I would like to comment on the advise given that main issues were not properly addressed. You cannot simply say if u r her dependent for 2 yrs then there would not be any problem to obtain ILR. I agree that you should not have any criminal record.

    I understand that you are dependant of your wife who was issued ILE through her father's status prior to your marriage. Your main concern is your wife has not provided financial support as she is in full time employment. I understand that you have been supported by a widow mother who is receiving a pension. You are unemployed but your wife is working.

    Outbreak bhai I think you have gone through wrong application form. As you have stated under Part 5 Finances and Employment does not exist in SET (M) application form . Please note that SET(M) is right form to use for your settlement visa. If you do not work then cross in No box. It is not mandatory to include any fixed assets or academic documents but it would help you if you have them in your posession.

    Section 5 refers to - KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGE AND L I F E IN THE UK
    Section 7.3- Are you working in the UK? Say No
    Section 7.4-Is your partner working in the UK? say Yes and how much she is earning just put her salary in a box
    Section 7.5-Does a relative or friend of you or your partner, or both of you, regularly
    give you money? If you are receiving money from your mother you can include this one crossing in yes box

    What you have to understand that you are currently given permission to remain in the UK as the husband of a person settled in the UK. The UKBA will assess whether or not you have lived here for two years in this category and intending to live together as husband and wife. Please do not send your SET (M) application more than 28 days before the end of your two-year qualifying period. Please look at your visa what date your visa will be expired. The UKBA will look at your intention wheher or not you have been living together as husband and wife for last two years. The requirements for indefinite leave to remain in your case is that you must have completed a period of 2 years as the spouse of the person who is present and settled in the UK; you need to show that your marriage is subsisting; and you intend to live permanently with the other as her spouse. Furthermore your wife should produce that you would be adequately accommodated and maintained without recourse to public funds. In addition, you must show that you have sufficient knowledge of the English language and sufficient knowledge about life in the United Kingdom.

    If you have a problem in your marriage, there is a great possibility to refuse your application. You must be aware that you should provide all supporting evidence to confirm that you have been living together for last two years. If these requirements are satisfied, you will be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. If you are not working but not relying on public funds, this will not affeect to your application. The question is that your wife should support for your accommodation and maintenance. The third party support is not acceptable.
    I believe this calrifies your query. Good Luck for your application.
    Many thanks
    Raju Thapa
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    Re: Raju Dai !! Pls help

    wow !! Raju dai...i truly appreciate your rather humble yet a strong advice here. thank you so much for your such considerate attitude towards confused solution seekers like us.
    But due to my rash post that i had made a few days back i couldn't provide you with substantial background of mine, i know its my bad and feel sorry for taking your invaluable time here. actually im in Nepal and you mistook it as i have been in the UK. im a fresh applicant who will be applying for the spousal visa at the VFS centre in Kathmandu this second week of this month.
    For your kind information..this is my brief profile :-
    1. im currently staying in nepal with my mom and supported by her
    2. im unemployed and have been taking care of my mom and the house
    3. my wife is residing in the uk, has rented a house under her name and lives with her parents and is full-time employee but doesnt support me financially in anyway

    now i would like to bring it to your notice that im filling up this form called '' VAF4A '' or the settlement visa. hope im filling the right form. and under Part 5 i.e Finances and Employment at no. 5.1 (first question) is:- What are your current personal circumstances ?? what will my answer be ?? whether to put cross in the box '' Unemployed '' or '' supported by spouse/partner/other family member ''. this is my sheer question. im afraid if i happen to cross the unemployed box, the visa section officer might raise doubts how could i possibly subsist without a job and no financial help from anyone. whereas if i put the cross in the '' supported by spouse/partner/other family member '' , im not supported by my wife but instead my mom. Due to this fact i cannot produce or present any money transfer receipt from my wife. does this affect the outcome of the visa ???
    Cant i put the cross in ''supported by spouse/partner/family member '' ?(because i have been supported by my mother who is also a family member, although not by spouse) and provide my mothers income payslips and other proofs. im confused dai...pls help me. they need the UK land registry confirmation from my wifes houseowner ?? how essential is it ??
    thanking you in advance again.....great work dai.

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