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    Namaste Raju Dai,

    It's great to see some hepling hands in alien land where people has to go through different roller and coster of life thank's a lot for that

    my query starts with change in new rules regarding student dependant ... so far i have heard different kinds of rumor but unfortunately i am not able to reach towards the fact. Can you please help me with that if there is any change like how much they are allowed to work.

    and secondly one of my friend he is going to get married here in uk. he want's to be in dependant of his wife so what kind to maneuver should he go through. if you can please can you give some suggestion for the documents needed. wether they need to go back nepal or they can finish all procedure staying in more thing both of them are student.

    thanking you

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    Re: student dependant

    My apology for being late to send your reply. As you are aware of the facts that the government has already introduced five tier(s) system in order to simplify the Immigration Rules and tackle with abusing the immigration system. I must tell you that there are no such provisions in the current Immigration Rules that dependent of students are not allowed to work in the UK. The Home Office's publication on the Statement of Intent states that dependent of students are not entitled to work in the UK. However it is not clear in the statement whether or not it applies to all of the dependent of students (more than 1 year student visa) or it only applies to the dependent of students who have less than a year visa. However the Tier 4 (Student) will come into force in January 2009. At present you do not put your stress until changes take effect.
    In relation to your second question, I understand both of your friends are students. From 1February2005,the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants) Act 2004 has introduced important new measures concerning the ability of certain people actually to get married in the UK. I understand that they both are subject to immigration control as they are not settled in the UK and remained as students. Therefore specific permission, in the form of a certificate of approval (COA) for marriage, must be obtained from the Home Office. They both require a certificate of approval and separate fees must paid as prescribed by the Home Office. They are required to provide details and nationality, address, information on whether they have been granted leave to enter or remain for over six months, details about their present immigration status, the length of their relationship, etc.They must ensure that at least three months of the leave reaming at time of making the application. If these requirements are satisfied they do not go to Nepal for the purpose of marriage.
    However, the Court of Appeal overruled the marriage policy as set out by the Home Office. Currently the matter is pending in the House of Lords. If the HL affirms the decision of the CA then COA is not necessary to obtain from the Home Office in order to marry in the UK.
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      Re: student dependant

      Great postiong ;D :