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    namaste Raju dai,

    i am writing this on behalf of one nepali didi, who is here in UK with domestic Visas. Shes been here for couple of years now. she used to work for an old Iraqi lady who recently died, and her current employee is the daughter of that old lady, who is 73 years of age and a doctor (brief details).

    nepali didi advised that recently the new employee is trying to get rid of her and coming up with many excuses. the thing is that nepali didi's Visas will expire this January 2009. And therefore she wants to know what is the procedure to change the employment and what will be the consequence, if this the right word.

    any advised will be greatly appriciated.

    thank you and kind regards,

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    Re: domestic VISAS

    Dear DJhaku,
    We are sorry but Mr Raju Thapa has been out of station until 18th June.
    Please bear with us until then. Thank you.

    On behalf of NepaliSamajUK
    Sushil Singh


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      Re: domestic VISAS

      What is exactly stamped on her passport ?
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