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ILR apply after 10 years legal stay

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  • ILR apply after 10 years legal stay

    Hello Hotmale Bro and other GURU and GURU aama haru,I have completed my 10 years legal stay. I have wife and two children below 14 years. My wife's 10 years legal stay has been broken. My daughters are born in UK but they have their country's passport as they had travelled once to their country. So, Please let me know the following questions.1. Which form should I fill for ILR application?2. Should we,all family members have to apply together or, I only have to apply first?3. if my wife and children cannnot apply with me, when can they apply and which application form to use?4. Should i have to show bank statement for my application, if so, how much money to show? 5. should I have to show money for my dependants, if so, can we use our joint income (my and my wife's income) to show that we are earning sufficient money?6. Is there any benefit of using solicitor or i can make application myself for ILR? DO i get any credit if i use solicitor?Please let me.Thanks a lot hai

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    Bro, please follow the link for ILR VIA 10 YEARS ROUTE your current visa is still valid then even you can go for one day premium service which I strongly suggest you if your case is clear(pREVIOUS LAST 10 YEARS HISTORY)Its all depend on your current visa to support your ILR FORM. For example. If you got Tier 4 visa then no need to show anything. They may ask you about your current course/duration/level etc in interview(If you go for one day service)If you are on tier 1(They will ask you about your current business bank statement etc)Hope it helps. If you have any more confusion pls feel free to ask.ILR 10 YEARS APPLY GARDA ONLY YOU ARE QUALIFY FOR 10 YEARS ROUTE. SO APPLY ONLY FOR YOU AND ONCE U GET IT AND THEN APPLY FOR DEPENDENT OF ILR FOR YOUR WIFE AND KIDS. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT THEN EVEN YOU CAN HIRE SOLICITOR FOR ONE DAY SERVICE.If your case is complicated then follow the link and fill the application and post it. Normally in recent case it will take 3 to 6 months by post for ILR VIA 10 YEARS LEGAL STAY ROUTE.RegardsPakhe


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      thank you hotmale bro. you are very helpful. we really appreciate your kindest help.OK i will apply first and then once i get it then my dependants will apply.I am confused with the income source. Can we show the joint income while applying for dependants, as they need my income source? Can we show my and my wife joint income source as she is also working and my income alone will be less than 18600?please advice me.thanks


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        Don;t worry about your dependent application and your income source. First get your done. and then automatically your kids can get it and then wife. I will let you know once u get it done.