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Come to work to UK with or without TIER 2 Working visa

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  • Come to work to UK with or without TIER 2 Working visa

    Hi everyone, I speak english only so if you reply use english only. I have a friend in Nepal who finished a 3 years Lab Assistant course. In UK a Lab Assistant belongs to BAND 2 payment/salary, which means its a quite low paid job. No hospital will sponsor a BAND 2 applicant, which means my friend cant come to UK with TIER 2 Working Visa. Do anyone have an idea how to come to UK legally and stay and work legally? Thanks Ira

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    For work, Tier-2 is only option from Nepal. This means minimum salary, SOC etc has to be satisfied.


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      Thank you Nigha. What if coming as a tourist and starts to work. What happens? Or will she be denied to get a NI nr.?


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        Tourist / visitor visa are not allowed to work, It is illegal.


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          Its all depend on what qualification she got in back home. If she is Nurse then yes she can come but remember IELTS SCORE . She can apply directly to NHS OR if she do meet Ielts requirement than there r other way where u don;t have to spend penny to come here. I can advice you on that. If she is not Nurse/Dr then there is noway she can get visa in current situation even if she able to get COS FROM HERE IN UK. I DOUBT ANYONE CAN ISSUE COS FOR HER TO COME HERE ON TIER 2. Hope it helps. RegardsPakhe


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            Hello Hotmale, As i mentioned she is a lab assistant. And she is about to prepare herself to IELTS exams. I already collected all the information what she needs to leave, only the visa is a problem. I am facing with the fact that we live in a cruel world. Also stupid world. NHS has huge problems, and here is someone who want to work...but UK give a damn. Thank you for your replies guys.