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small query regarding study visa

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  • small query regarding study visa

    Raju dai Namaskar!

    I have been always going through poster’s queries and your answer about immigration related issues. Not only me but everyone appreciate your help to us all.

    I have got a small query about student visa to UK from Nepal. I have got a close friend of mine completed his Master Degree from TU and been working in Kathmandu. He recently got married and wishes to come to UK to study. He has also got unconditional offer from a renowned university here in the UK. He wants to bring his wife as a dependent together. He asked me what I think about applying both of them together. Or it’s good to apply first for him. After couple of months when is in the UK than apply for his wife? He really wants to apply together as he thinks it will save time, money and give less hassle to his wife but on the other hand he thinks what will be good applying alone or together? As I really do not have idea what to tell, I am seeking for your suggestion about this matter so that I can pass it to him. Thank you for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regard,


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    Re: small query regarding study visa

    I understand your friend is coming to the UK on a student visa. There is no restriction in Immigration Rules that she cannot apply as dependent of your friend as long as he can satisfy to the ECO she can be adequately accommodated and maintatined by your friend.

    You should never say that your wife will work in the UK which will support for your maintenance which may lead to refuse your application on the balance of probabilities. So there should not be any doubts or credibilty issues in your friend and his wife's application as dependant.
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      Re: small query regarding study visa

      Dai thanks for your prompt response with in depth information.

      I am sorry to take your time again as I have got two more concern. Does his wife needs to make separate application by paying separate fee or she can be included in her husband’s application? Secondly, His financier (sponsor) is wife’s father. Although his sponsor has sound financial background with good regular income, he fears that his application may be turned down by ECO due to sponsor (not being own parents). Does such sponsorship will weaken his application or it is same as getting sponsored by own parents)? Thanks once again for your great help.